Submittal / Construction Drawings

Sizemore Light Design, LLC specializes in the creation of submittal and construction drawings for the integration of theatrical lighting and rigging systems into new and existing building architecture.  Utilizing the latest industry software like AutoCAD 2011 and Revit Architecture 2011, I am not only an experienced draftsman, I also have an intimate understanding of theatrical systems.  I use these tools to assist my customers in executing their designs the right way the first time, thereby minimizing costly mistakes and change-orders during the construction process.

Drawings that are clean, professional, and above all, thorough, do much more than just coordinate trades and provide instruction to on-site personel, they can also make a profound impression on your customers and other associated contractors and consultants.  Drawings can and should be as much a part of your company brand as your advertising and letterhead, and when executed well, they can lead to new and larger projects in the future based on the impression they make in the present.

Many companies in our niche industry can’t afford a full-time CAD specialist to do all this in house; others lack the expertise in the software and techniques required to put together a functional presentation.  The construction industry speaks in CAD and BIM (Building Information Management) now more than it ever has in the past, and Sizemore Light Design, LLC is available to help your company create submittals that are accurate, professional, and of the highest quality you can find in the industry.

Contact me today to find out more about the kind of services I can offer your company.

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