How I Work

Welcome everyone, to my updated (and overdue) website.  As an introduction, I wanted to offer some thoughts about how you, my customers, can make the most of your time and money working with me.

Although most of my work is actually done in CAD, I offer much more than just CAD services.  I’m a systems specialist, and my drawing process is of the intelligent kind.  I use my expertise in dimming and rigging systems to help you execute designs that work, both in terms of how they are laid out and installed in the building, and their functionality from an end-user’s perspective.  Our industry is very specialized and has unique requirements.  You want to work with someone who is an expert in the field, who understands how these systems work and why. 

In order for my work on your projects to be the most efficient it can be, I encourage my customers to provide me with as much information as possible.  This includes not only the more obvious things like building backgrounds in CAD and any hand drawings that you need me to incorporate, but also a full scope of work, bills of materials, cutsheets on any unusual equipment, and any other information that might in some way be relevant to the job. 

Where rigging is concerned, each building is different.  The smallest aspects in its construction can make a huge difference, from the type of structure steel meant to support the system, to an unfortunately placed light switch.  I understand the myriad of considerations that go into incoorporating a rigging system into a building, and I use that knowledge to help you create functional and accurate drawings of those systems that minimize common mistakes in execution.

In the lighting world, modern dimming control systems are very complicated.  Maunfacturers such as Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) and Color Kinetics have helped pioneer remarkable innovations in what is possible in today’s theatres, tv studios and themed environments.  Unfortunately, those innovations require very specialized knowledge in order to implement effectively.  I specialize in these types of systems and I understand how they work at the “nuts-and-bolts” level.  I know what wire type to use for what data protocol, and I can help you create layouts and wiring diagrams that help electrical contractors do their jobs with confidence and the fewest number of mobilizations possible.

When it comes to construction, having too much information is much better than not having enough.  Unfortunately, all of us seem to be craving more rather than less.  The more knowledge I have about a specific job, the more you’ll find that you have fewer questions to answer, lower stress levels, and ultimately a much more efficient use of your time and money.  Finally, you’ll find that a large chunk of the time you might have spent on a job is reduced significantly because you have someone creating your presentation documents that understands your industry and intent.  This frees you up to work on other things and ultimately execute more jobs.

Although I’m likely not your least expensive option, I pride myself on doing every job thoroughly and correctly.  I don’t cut corners or take shortcuts.  And although this philosophy isn’t conducive to extremely fast turn-arounds, I do work on your time schedule.  All of these factors often make me a far better option than relying on maufacturers, architects or theatre consultants (who usually have contradictory priorites and time-schedules) to do your drawings for you.  I do one thing, and I do it well.

I want your customers to be as pleased with my work as you are, and I work with that goal in mind. I look forward to working with you!

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